Convenient Automatic Pet Feeder

Convenient Automatic Pet Feeder

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  • Max Output: 2000g
  • Min Output: 50g
  • Volume: 2000g
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Type: Dogs
  • Timing: 48hours precise timing
  • Voltage: Max 2kg dog food
  • Compartment Design: Can place ice bag in it to keep fresh
  • Battery(not include): 1*AA battery
  • Item: Dog Automatic Feeders


  • The product is made of food grade materials, harmless to the human body and pets
  • The timing device,adjusts the pet dinner time within 48 hours, don't need to worry about pets will feel hungry while the owner is outing
  • First of all, to install a AA battery, then turn the twist in counterclockwise to adjust the time, subject to the following three white triangle arrows
  • The inner compartment can be placed with ice bag, to keep feed fresh
  • Simple and generous appearance


  • How to set automatic time: 
  • For example,if you want your dog or cat eat at 7:00am,it is a 48 hour timer. so if it is 5am you need to set it for 2 hour, If it is 7pm you set it for 12hrs. just you line up the arrow to the 2,the feeder will open after 2 hours,you line up the arrow to the 12,the feeder will open after 12 hours.but it depend on what time it is when you set it and how many hours till you want it to open.